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* Limitation Periods 9th ed: 1st Supplement

New * Limitation Periods 9th ed: 1st Supplement
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Limitation Periods by Professor Andrew McGee is a well-established and definitive text now in its ninth edition. Professor McGee steers practitioners through the complexities of the law of limitations, giving detailed guidance in all areas of law from preliminary issues to proceedings. The book is designed to help bring an action in good time and remedy delays which may lead to striking out. The book covers European and international limitation issues.

The First Supplement to the 9th Edition brings this well-established and definitive text fully up-to-date, including significant case law such as: Kekwick v Kekwick (Meaning of 'action' and 'proceeding' and the differences between them); Boxxe Ltd v Secretary of State for Justice, Walton v Pickerings Solicitors (the calculation of time and the differences between issue and service); Lees v Kaye (what counts as 'personal injury'); Jalla v Shell, Honda Pension Trustees v Mercer Ltd (continuing torts); James v Scudamore (Laches).