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  The Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law Handbook (23rd Edition) aims to deal with the ..

The Butterworths Hong Kong Evidence Law Handbook – Fifth Edition is a work of reference c..

Butterworths Hong Kong Public Order Law Handbook aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the v..

Butterworths Hong Kong Statutory Interpretation Handbook - Fourth Edition is a comprehensive r..

*Pre-order* Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2022 -12%
It is now time to renew your subscription to the Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2022 Service. Endorsed..
HK$11,930.00 HK$10,500.00

The company is a critical legal concept in all modern legal systems and an essential vehicle for inv..

The fourth edition of Wilmot Smith on Construction Contracts continues to take a clear and..

The book provides a detailed review of efforts to reform the law on insurance warranties in Australi..

Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence is the principal guide to a complex area of the law, pro..

New material in the First Supplement to the Twenty-Third Edition: Henderson v Dorset Healthcar..

A master toolkit of contract clauses drafted by experts in copyright and contract. Thousands of clau..

This new work deals with rights and non-fiduciary powers that are at play in commercial law and the ..

Contains analysis of problem areas and practical guidance, it comprehensively sets out the law of li..

This book is intended for the practitioner who has a problem, issue or case involving the voluntary ..

The eagerly awaited 10th edition of Macdonald's Immigration Law & Practice provides detailed..

The 10th edition of Morgan, Burden and Berry on IT Contracts: deals with the GDPR, the ..

Trade Finance provides a much-needed re-examination of the relevant legal principles and a stud..

This title continues to be the authority on the law of passing-off, adopting a comprehensive approac..

Law of Mergers & acquisitions in the People's Republic of China 2015 by Seung Chong, pu..

The Financial Remedies Handbook (formerly entitled the Ancillary Relief Handbook) has..

Brooke’s Notary is the standard work on notarial practice. It is a vital reference work, ..

International Franchising: A Practitioner's Guide -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Franchising has become a global phenomenon. Many brands have ..
HK$1,742.00 HK$1,219.40

Commercial Litigation: Pre-Emptive Remedies 3rd International ed -10%
Commercial Litigation: Pre-Emptive Remedies This work is written with the commercial litigator in..
HK$3,300.00 HK$2,970.00

Conflicts of Interest 6th ed -10%
Conflicts of Interest 6th ed Conflicts of Interest provides authoritative guidance on the law rel..
HK$2,868.00 HK$2,581.20

Hewitt on Joint Ventures 7th ed -10%
Hewitt on Joint Venturesexamines transactions where two or more existing companies agree to establis..
HK$3,660.00 HK$3,294.00

Shareholders' Agreements 8th ed -10%
Shareholders’ Agreements provides practical guidance on the nature and effect of sharehol..
HK$2,988.00 HK$2,689.20

Boilerplate: Practical Clauses 8th ed -10%
Boilerplate: Practical Clauses 8th ed This compendium of boilerplate clauses in common use also f..
HK$2,700.00 HK$2,430.00

Salinger on Factoring: The Law and Practice of Invoice Financing 6th ed -10%
Salinger on Factoring Salinger on Factoring is renowned for its highly practical approach to the ..
HK$3,228.00 HK$2,905.20

Sinclair on Warranties and Indemnities on Share and Asset Sales 11th ed -10%
This practical text contains precedents and commentary on warranties and indemnities on share sales...
HK$3,420.00 HK$3,078.00

Harney Westwood & Riegels: Bermuda Commercial Law -20%
Harney Westwood & Riegels: Bermuda Commercial Law by Ian Mann and Sarah-Jane Hurrion, ..
HK$4,300.00 HK$3,440.00

British Virgin Islands Commercial Law 4th ed -20%
British Virgin Islands Commercial Law 4th edition by Harney Westwood & Riegels, published b..
HK$4,700.00 HK$3,760.00

Product Liability 3rd ed -10%
Product Liability is a recognised authority in the field and covers the product liability laws throu..
HK$2,925.00 HK$2,632.50

NOT YET PUBLISHED Arnould's Law of Marine Insurance and Average explains the form, conte..

NOT YET PUBLISHED Hedge Funds and the Law provides a comprehensive guide to setting up and o..

NOT YET PUBLISHED This book explains how the Civil Procedure Rules work in practice. The book cov..

NOT YET PUBLISHED The 7th edition of Private Equity: Law and Practice by Darryl Cooke p..

MacGillivray on Insurance Law is the established authority on non-maritime commercial insurance..

NOT YET PUBLISHED Corporate Finance - IPO & M&A describes the theory and practice of two ..

NOT YET PUBLISHED Morcom on Trade Marks is a comprehensive guide on trade mark law enabling pract..

NOT YET PUBLISHED This title discusses the legal considerations involved in company liquidation a..

NOT YET PUBLISHED Baffled by joint venture and shareholder agreements? Guidance on the new PSC Re..

NOT YET PUBLISHED Laytime and Demurrage is the leading authority for all queries pertaining to th..

NOT YET PUBLISHED Now in its 14th edition, Documentary Evidence is a comprehensive guid..

NOT YET PUBLISHED The updated edition of this title provides a practical evaluation of criminal l..

Cases, Materials and Text on National, Supranational and International Non-Discrimination Law -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST This casebook, the result of the collaborative efforts of a panel o..
HK$650.00 HK$390.00

Comparative Remedies for Breach of Contract -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST The book provides a comparative analysis of the law relating to rem..
HK$858.00 HK$514.80

Competition Litigation: UK Practice and Procedure 2nd ed -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Competition Litigation: UK Practice and Procedure 2nd ed ..
HK$2,665.00 HK$1,865.50

Debating Judicial Appointments in an Age of Diversity -45%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  What should be the primary goals of a judicial appointments s..
HK$1,625.00 HK$897.00

Disqualification Undertakings: Law, Policy and Practice -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Company directors found to have committed unfit conduct are s..
HK$2,108.00 HK$1,054.00

Divergences in Private Law -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  This book is a study of doctrinal and methodological divergen..
HK$910.00 HK$546.00

EC Anti-Dumping Law and Practice 2nd ed -60%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Now on its 2nd edition, this practical book analyses anti-dum..
HK$4,512.00 HK$1,804.80

Fundamentals of Patent Law: Interpretation and Scope of Protection -20%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST This new book provides a comprehensive overview of the topic of pat..
HK$897.00 HK$717.60

Integrity of Criminal Process: From Theory into Practice -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Criminal proceedings, theorists and practitioners would gener..
HK$1,105.00 HK$552.50

International Migration Law -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  International Migration Law provides a detailed and comprehen..
HK$1,625.00 HK$1,137.50

Palmer's Limited Liability Partnership Law 3rd ed -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) shares many of the feat..
HK$4,512.00 HK$2,256.00

Private Company Law Reform : International and European Perspectives -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Private Company Law reform is among the most important topi..
HK$922.00 HK$645.40

Privilege and Confidentiality: An International Handbook 2nd ed -35%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST Privilege and Confidentiality: An International Handbook provi..
HK$2,820.00 HK$1,833.00

Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet -35%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST The Internet is now a key part of everyday life across the develope..
HK$1,950.00 HK$1,267.50

Securitisation Law: EU and US Disclosure Regulations -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST Providing key guidance on the process of securitisation, this compr..
HK$4,415.00 HK$3,090.50

The Changing Contours of Criminal Justice -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Oxford Centre for Cri..
HK$975.00 HK$682.50

The Ethics of Expert Evidence -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  The articles selected for this volume represent the best of t..
HK$2,535.00 HK$1,521.00

The Law of Photography and Digital Images -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST This groundbreaking work provides a one-stop source for all lawyers..
HK$6,564.00 HK$3,282.00

The Legal Status of Intersex Persons -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST Until very recently, the legal gender of a person – both at b..
HK$858.00 HK$600.60

Tribunal Practice -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Tribunal Practice is a major new work on the practice an..
HK$2,108.00 HK$1,054.00

Banking Litigation 4th ed -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  This fourth edition guides you through the wide range of issu..
HK$4,032.00 HK$2,419.20

Bills of Exchange and Bankers' Documentary Credits 4th ed -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  This work provides a readable yet in-depth account of the law..
HK$3,835.00 HK$1,917.50

Uniform Application of the International Sales Law -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  The Uniformity of the CISG and its Jurisconsultorium. An Anal..
HK$1,212.00 HK$848.40

Synthetic, Insurance and Hedge Fund Securitisations: Guide to Structuring Innovative Securitisations -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Designed to meet the strategie and technical information need..
HK$3,554.00 HK$1,777.00

Law of Bank Payments 5th ed -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Law of Bank Payments examines the practical and legal pr..
HK$4,308.00 HK$2,584.80

Brown & Marriott's ADR Principles and Practice 4th ed -40%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Brown & Marriott's ADR Principles and Practice i..
HK$3,516.00 HK$2,109.60

Third-Party Effects of Arbitral Awards: Res Judicata against Privies, Non-mutual Preclusion, Factual Effects -50%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Third-Party Effects of Arbitral Awards examines the bind..
HK$1,976.00 HK$988.00

Retroactivity and the Common Law -49%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  This book analyses the common law's approach to retroacti..
HK$910.00 HK$464.10

Antitrust Procedural Fairness -30%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Much of antitrust law scholarship has focused on substantive ..
HK$1,300.00 HK$910.00

Deceit: The Lie of the Law -51%
OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  Deceit: The Lie of the Law will provide a complete and d..
HK$4,290.00 HK$2,105.00

Manual of Accounting IFRS 2021 -10%
PwC's IFRS Manual of accounting is thorough and translates often complex standards into practica..
HK$2,158.00 HK$1,942.20

IFRS® Standards Issued at 1 January 2021 -10%
This is the official printed edition of the authoritative pronouncements of the International Accoun..
HK$1,027.00 HK$924.30

* Insights into IFRS: KPMG's Practical Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards 18th ed -10%
NOT YET PUBLISHED Applying IFRS® Standards to real transactions and arrangements can be a sig..
HK$1,920.00 HK$1,728.00

Ernst & Young's International GAAP 2021 -10%
International GAAP® 2021 International GAAP® 2021 is a detailed guide to interp..
HK$2,200.00 HK$1,980.00

In Business Forecasting: The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning&nb..

Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, 3rd Edition helps managers understand the..

Help your students realize their dreams of small business success with Longenecker/Petty/Palich/Hoy&..

People Operations: Automate HR, Design a Great Employee Experience, and Unleash Your Workforce ..

Leading from the Middle: A Playbook for Managers to Influence Up, Down, and Across the Organization&..

Discover the challenges, rewards and most recent advancements in the field of human resource develop..

Asset Allocation and Private Markets: A Guide to Investing with Private Equity, Private Debt and Private Real Assets -10%
Asset Allocation and Private Markets provides institutional investors, such as pension funds, insura..
HK$850.00 HK$765.00

The comprehensively updated and revised edition of Strategic Project Management Made Simple cements ..

Equip your students for success in international finance with the unrivaled depth of theory and prac..

The ninth edition of Strategic Management: Awareness and Change guides students through the maze of ..


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