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* Domestic Abuse and the Family Justice System: Law and Practice

New * Domestic Abuse and the Family Justice System: Law and Practice
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Guiding those working with victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse, through the frameworks within which the courts operate and how they can be navigated. The first book of its kind, written by eminent practitioners from both the family and criminal arenas, combining best practice from the criminal courts to assist the family law practitioner and identify common mistakes made by practitioners and the family justice system, offering solutions and promoting good practice.

Each chapter has a short summary followed by a clear application of the law, along with flow-charts enabling this wide-ranging area of law to be distilled into straight-forward principles.

This title is included in Bloomsbury Professional's Family Law online service.

table of content

1.What is Domestic Abuse and Controlling and Coercive Behaviour
2.Jurisprudence of Domestic Abuse in the Family Court
3.Overview of Domestic Abuse Act 2021 and How it Fits in With Existing Law.
4.Unrepresented Parties
5.Applying Principles to Practice:
6.CAFCASS Tools and Frameworks.
7.Finding of Fact Hearings
8.The Welfare Stage in a Case Where Domestic Abuse is Found or Not
9.Public Law Children Act 1989
10.Domestic Abuse in the Criminal Courts
11.Contrast and Compare