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* Hong Kong as an Actor in International Economic Law: Multilateralism, Bilateralism, and Unilateralism

New * Hong Kong as an Actor in International Economic Law: Multilateralism, Bilateralism, and Unilateralism
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This open access book explains why Hong Kong adopts a triangular approach (combining unilateralism, bilateralism, and multilateralism) in its external trade and investment relations.

The book describes how Hong Kong applies the methods necessary to manage the triple-track strategy, and identifies the legal, political, and economic implications of this approach.

Hong Kong is one of the top trade centres globally and plays a pivotal role in the world economy, providing, in particular, a bridge jurisdiction where the dynamic nature of polycentric trade deals becomes more deeply embedded within a system inside and outside of it. Despite this major role, Hong Kong remains largely understudied by trade lawyers. Exploring these relationships in the context of Hong Kong's trade strategies facilitates a clearer description of the evolving role of Hong Kong in contemporary regional and global affairs, leading to recommendations on how Hong Kong can improve its effectiveness in securing its regional policy goals.

The book analyses how Hong Kong negotiates internationally and implements a different approach from models based on observations of single states as well as in American and European institutional and cultural settings. The analysis in this book makes an important contribution to understanding the character and modalities of multi-dimensional trade strategies that are shaping international trade relations today.

table of content

1. Hong Kong as an Actor in International Economic Law: An Introduction
Part I: Unilateral Foundations: Domestic Trade, Investment, and Taxation in Hong Kong
2. Trade on the Frontier: Hong Kong's Unilateral Trade Regime and its Evolution
3. Forging Pathways: Hong Kong's Unilateral Foreign Investment Landscape
4. Tax Haven or Tax Haven't? Exploring Hong Kong's Unilateral Tax Regime
Conclusion Part I
Part II: Bilateral Endeavours: Strengthening Hong Kong's Economic Relations
5. Crossing Borders: Hong Kong's Free Trade Agreements and Their Impact
6. Investing in Partnerships: The Role of Bilateral Investment Treaties in Hong Kong's Economic Policy
7. Navigating Bilateral Tax Relations: Hong Kong's Tax Treaty Landscape
Conclusion Part II
Part III: Multilateral Engagement: Hong Kong's Role in Global Economic Institutions
8. World Trade on the Horizon: Hong Kong's Engagement with the WTO
9. Cross-Border Investments: Hong Kong and the Multilateral Investment Framework
10. Hong Kong and the Evolution of International Taxation: Aligning with Global Tax Norms
Conclusion Part III
Part IV: Resolving Economic Conflicts: Dispute Settlement in Hong Kong's International Relations
11. Steering Through Disputes: Hong Kong's Engagement in WTO Dispute Settlement
12. Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Navigating Hong Kong's Role and Responsibilities
13. Global Tax Tussles: Hong Kong's Strategy for Resolving International Tax Disagreements
Conclusion Part IV
14. Conclusion