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Conflicts of Interest 6th ed

Conflicts of Interest 6th ed
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Conflicts of Interest provides authoritative guidance on the law relating to conflicts of interest in all its dimensions, from client conflict and personal conflict to commercial and judicial conflict. It explains in detail the current legal position in various professional sectors (lawyers, accountants, the City, directors, estate agents and insurance brokers). It helps the user avoid potential conflicts of interest and provides practical advice and remedies for ones that arise.

table of content

Conflicts of Interest: The Principles
Existing Client Conflicts: The Fiduciary Obligation
The Double Employment Rule
Managing Conflicts by Contract
Perception of Impropriety as a Test for Conflicts
The Obligation to Disclose Information
Information Barriers
Litigating Conflicts
The Duty to the Other Side
Blowing the Whistle on the Client
Judicial Conflicts: Bias and Apparent Bias
Juries, Tribunals and other Decision-Makers
Judicial Conflicts: Applying the Principles
Conflicts in the City
Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers