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* The Law and Business of Litigation Finance 2nd ed

* The Law and Business of Litigation Finance 2nd ed
Product ISBN: 9781526527820
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An essential guide for those who provide or seek litigation funding, as well as for anyone who wishes to understand the litigation funding process and how to avoid pitfalls.

This title answers questions such as: How do litigation funders raise capital and how do they spend it? What are their corporate and financial structures? What types of cases do they invest in and what are their returns? What are the key legal issues relating to litigation funding?

Fully revised and updated, the 2nd edition includes:

  • New chapters covering insurance and the different stakeholders in litigation finance, examining who they are, what they seek to achieve, the risks and rewards that they have and their interests
  • Increased coverage of the position in Australia, continental Europe and jurisdictions such as Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Updated case law including recent high profile cases in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe that have benefited from litigation finance

Edited by one of the most accomplished litigation funders in the international market with contributions from leading experts, the focus is on the UK and the US, the two main centres for the international litigation funding industry, with reference to Australia, New Zealand and other select jurisdictions.

table of content

1. Introduction
2. A Brief History of Third-party Litigation Funding in the UK, US and Elsewhere in the Common Law
3. Regulation and Legislation
4. Third-party Litigation Financing and Lawyers' Ethical Obligations
5. Privilege and Confidentiality
6. The Litigation Funding Agreement
7. Adverse Costs and Security for Costs
8. Insurance
9. Other Methods of Financing Litigation
10. Types of Litigation and Arbitration that Attract and are Attractive to Litigation Finance
11. The Different Stakeholders and their Interests
12. Tax