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* The Law and Regulation of Solicitors: Management Skills

* The Law and Regulation of Solicitors: Management Skills
Product ISBN: 9781526524577
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This book covers a range of materials the author has written and presented for law firms as continuous professional development, since 2014. Covering a wide range of regulatory and compliance subjects, and the detail of the regulatory rules themselves, the texts and materials present the context and expectations of legal regulators in greater detail than available elsewhere. The author's direct experience as a regulatory decision maker provides the backdrop to the guidance provided about the application of the rules. Each section includes material used as CPD, along with activities for the reader to complete to embed their learning.

table of content

Part 1 – Law Firm Structure and Management
1. Separate business rule
2. Everyday COLP and COFA
3. Everyday COLP and COFA
4. File reviews
5. Strategic planning
6. Developing a culture of compliance
7. CLC regulation
Part 2– Risk Management
8. Risk management and calculations
9. . AML risk
10. Law firm qudit
11. Geographical risk
Part 3 – Disciplinary
12. SRA investigations
13. Investigation and enforcement
14. Individual regulatory responsibilities
15. A year in review
Part 4 – General CPD
16. Acting in the best interests of the client
17. Client care letters
18. Client confidentiality
19. Legal funding
20. Legal ethics for paralegals
21. Legal ethics for solicitors and other lawyers
22. GDPR and data protection
23. Vulnerable clients
24. Equality and diversity
25. Complaint handling
26. Conflict of interest
27. Mortgage fraud
28. Cybercrime in supply chains