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* Parker and Evans's Inside Lawyers' Ethics 4th ed

* Parker and Evans's Inside Lawyers' Ethics 4th ed
Product ISBN: 9781009045636
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Parker and Evans's Inside Lawyers' Ethics provides a practical and engaging introduction to ethical decision-making in legal practice in Australia.

Underpinned by four theoretical concepts – adversarial advocacy, responsible lawyering, moral activism and ethics of care – this text analyses legal and professional frameworks, highlighting relevant parts of the Australian Solicitors' Conduct Rules. Case studies and discussion questions offer contemporary, practical examples of the application of ethics. The book also addresses the challenge of ethical action and offers techniques to deal with ethical conflicts.

This edition has been comprehensively updated and discusses the implications of advances in legal technology, mental ill-health in the profession and the complexities of government legal practice. A new chapter covers lawyers' ethical obligation to address the legal challenges posed by climate change. Written by an expert author team, Parker and Evans's Inside Lawyers' Ethics empowers readers to identify ethical challenges and resolve them through good decision-making practices.

table of content

1. Introduction: values in practice
2. Approaches to ethical lawyering
3. Professionalism and the regulation of lawyers' ethics
4. Confidentiality: boundaries and disclosure
5. Ethics in criminal justice
6. Ethical challenges in civil dispute resolution
7. Conflicting loyalties
8. Lawyers' fees and costs: communicating well with clients and avoiding overcharging
9. Corporate and government lawyers
10. Lawyers' ethics in the Anthropocene
11. Conclusion: values and legal professionalism