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Commercial Injunctions 7th ed: 1st Supplement

Commercial Injunctions 7th ed: 1st Supplement
Product ISBN: 9780414104891
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Commercial Injunctions is regarded as the essential textbook on injunctions. It is cited in argument and judgments throughout the common law jurisdictions, including at the highest levels.

The 1st Supplement brings the text fully up to date in the light of extensive new case law and legislative developments, including the UK not acceding to the Lugano Agreement.
Commercial Injunctions provides:
  • Unparalleled in-depth coverage of all aspects of injunctions
  • Highly practical advice on how and when to obtain injunctions, how to defend against such orders and the options available
  • Key insight into the continuing evolution of the Mareva jurisdiction preserving assets
  • A coherent and reasoned statement of the principles applicable to injunctions generally and to injunctions for particular purposes.
  • A one-stop source of answers to key questions
Steven Gee QC is Leading Counsel in full time practice as an advocate in court and in arbitrations, and as an arbitrator. His experience of the subject goes back over 40 years and includes when the Mareva jurisdiction first emerged.