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Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook 3rd ed + Proview

Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook 3rd ed + Proview
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“What is having a copy of this book like? Essentially, it is like having a copy of the Basic Law plus a good working knowledge of the jurisprudence on its provisions. If more can reasonably be expected of a handbook on the Basic Law, I do not know what that might be.”
The Honourable Mr Justice Bokhary GBM, NPJ
Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook continues to be the definitive work for anyone interested in understanding the operation of the Basic Law. A number of significant developments in constitutional law have taken place since the publication of the first edition in 2015 and second edition in 2019. These include the interpretive power of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress under Article 158, the oath-taking requirement under Article 104, freedom of expression, the rights of prisoners, the ability of same-sex partners in civil relationships recognised in other jurisdictions to obtain a dependent visa, and more.
Included are useful appendices on cases: (a) declaring legislation unconstitutional; (b) suspending declaration of unconstitutionality; and (c) cited from other jurisdictions.

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table of content

Chapter 1 : General Principles

Chapter 2 : Relationship between the Central Authorities and HKSAR

Chapter 3 : Fundamental Rights and Duties of the Residents

Chapter 4 : Political Structure

Chapter 5 : Economy

Chapter 6 : Education, Science, Culture, Sports, Religion, Labour and Social Services

Chapter 7 : External Affairs

Chapter 8 : Interpretation and Amendment of the Basic Law

Chapter 9 : Supplementary Provisions