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Benjamin's Sale of Goods 11th ed with 2nd Supplement

Benjamin's Sale of Goods 11th ed with 2nd Supplement
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Offering a one-stop source to all the elements, principles, legislation and case law surrounding sale of goods not just in the UK but internationally, Benjamin's Sale of Goods has firmly established itself as the only title you need on sale of goods.
Frequently cited in court, its depth and coverage make Benjamin an essential reference tool in your commercial law library.
The first supplement to the eleventh edition of Benjamin’s Sale of Goods brings the main work up to date with the latest developments. The key new case law and legislation covered includes:
  • European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020
  • European Union (Future Relationship) Act 2020
  • Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 (corporate rescue and contract termination)
  • Lehman Brothers International (Europe) v Exofix Partners llp (fundamental impossibility and restitution)
  • Gregor Fisken v Carl (delivery; passing of property in compound goods)
  • Triplepoint Technology Inc v PTT Public Co Ltd (liquidated damages and contract termination)
  • CIS General Insurance Ltd v IBM United Kingdom Ltd (equitable set-off and contract termination)
  • BP Oil International v Vega Petroleum Ltd (f.o.b. and free into pipeline (f.i.p.) contracts; restitution)
  • A v B (The Tai Hunter) (f.o.b. nomination of vessel)
  • Shanghai Shipyard co Ltd v Reignwood International Investment (Group) Co Ltd (performance guarantees)
  • Enka Insaat Ve Sanayi SA v OOO Insurance Co Chubb (choice of law and arbitration agreement)