The Law of Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong 2nd ed

The Law of Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong 2nd ed
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This edition emphasizes the practical application of Hong Kong’s newest discrete cause of action at common law, while retaining the theoretical consideration of its origins and possible development. In doing so, it considers the four Court of Final Appeal decisions involving unjust enrichment as a cause of action in Hong Kong: • Shanghai Tongji Science & Technology Industrial Co Ltd v Casil Clearing Ltd [2004] HKCU 380; • Cheong Shing Ltd v Yu Kwan [2008] HKCU 1666; • Yukio Takahashi v Cheng Zhen Shu [2011] HKCU 431; • Big Island Construction (HK) Ltd v Wu Yi Development Co Ltd [2015] HKCU 1437. This edition is written with the benefit of the almost worldwide common law retreat from the search for a unified law of restitution and the retention of a practical and pragmatic rather than academic action for unjust enrichment. "