REFLECTIONS: Childhood, Student Days, Law and Other Writings

REFLECTIONS: Childhood, Student Days, Law and Other Writings
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Cheng Huan is one of the most acclaimed barristers in Hong Kong. Over the past forty-plus years, he was appointed first Queen’s Counsel and later on Senior Counsel. His sharp mind, occasional harsh words, astute wisdom, and friendly and enthusiastic character have made him widely popular. In his earlier book Defending the Law, also published by Cosmos Books, he mainly described a number of selected legal cases.
In this new book Reflections, Cheng Huan reviews his early life: from childhood to student life and from examinations of legal studies in London to university life at Cambridge. In the middle part of this book, the author recalls a few cases that he dealt with as a lawyer, such as Dai Pai Dongs (open-air food stalls), plea bargains, bind-over orders, private tenancy allowances, money laundering, bankruptcy proceedings, homosexual love, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. He even followed his clients’ instructions to offer opinions to other barristers with regard to their due diligence. While the writing style of the book may appear somewhat frivolous at times, its content can always enrich the readers’ knowledge.
The author has written a weekly column for Sing Tao Daily and for The Standard over more than two decades. For the first time he has compiled selected articles from these columns into Reflections. The articles are both interesting as well as profoundly meaningful.