* The Law of Personal Property 3rd ed

* The Law of Personal Property 3rd ed
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Issues and disputes concerning personal property are a common feature of commercial legal practice. The new edition of this authoritative guide to this substantial area of common law provides a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of both tangible and intangible personal property.

table of content

1. Introduction
2. Ownership and co-ownership of personal property
3. Goods
4. Debts and things in action
5. Documentary intangibles
6. Equity and debt securities
7. Money
8. Digital assets
9. Statutory IP rights
10. Common law intellectual property rights
11. Possessory interests
12. Bailment
13. Storage and carriage
14. Leases and hire
15. Trust interests
16. Security interests
17. Modes of acquisition and divestment not based on consent: finding, mixing, manufacturing and succession
18. Gift and donatio mortis causa
19. Property aspects of sale of goods: general
20. Property aspects of sale of goods: interests in bulk goods
21. Property aspects of sale of goods: retention of title clauses
22. Requirements for assignments
23. Rights transferred by assignment
24. Bars on assignment
25. Novation
26. Negotiation of documentary intangibles
27. Transfer of equity and debt security
28. Transfer of money
29. Dealings in intellectual property
30. Transfer of posessory interests
31. Title conflicts and priorities
32. Following, tracing, and claiming
33. Protecting and enforcing interests at common law: the property torts
34. Specific relief: delivery up of goods and other remedies
35. Enforcing rights in respect of secondary interests
36. Protection of equitable ownership interests
37. Personal property in insolvency proceedings
38. Conflict of laws and tangible movable property
39. Conflict of laws and intangible property