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Aldridge: Powers of Attorney 12th ed

Aldridge: Powers of Attorney 12th ed
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Aldridge: Powers of Attorney is the definitive work on this subject, providing clear guidance on the creation, interpretation and use of powers of attorney. Written in a succinct and accessible style, it explains everything you need to know to operate effectively in this complex area of law. Beginning with an explanation of the different types of powers, it goes on to examine the capacity and duties of the parties involved, before looking at specific situations in which such powers can be used.

This Twelfth Edition:
  • Explains the different types of powers of attorney and their scope, looks at the capacity of the donor and the attorney, and considers the contents, form and duration of the power and its exercise
  • Examines the duties of both the donor and the attorney, and the protection of the attorney, as well as the position of third parties dealing with an attorney, and of a trustee exercising a statutory power to delegate their functions
  • Deals with lasting powers of attorney and enduring powers of attorney (the latter can no longer be granted, but those validly granted before 1 October 2007 remain effective)
  • Discusses the Government’s proposals for changes to the process for making and registering a lasting power of attorney to enable a digitally produced document
  • Looks at the use of powers of attorney in particular situations, including land, grants of representation and companies
  • Advises on drafting issues
  • Includes forms and precedents for powers of attorney and ancillary documents
  • Reproduces relevant primary and secondary legislation for ease of reference
  • Is updated throughout to reflect recent developments in legislation and case law