Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordiance: Guidance & Legislation

Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordiance: Guidance & Legislation
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Prior to the adoption of the Amendment Ordinance, there was limited regulation on the use and transfer of personal data for direct marketing activities. The April 2013 Amendment Ordinance now creates a new direct marketing regime (Part VIA of the Ordinance) to establish the rights and obligations of parties using personal information for direct marketing purposes or transferring personal information to a third party for marketing purposes. The Ordinance is now fully empowered to protect against the misuse of personal data by all concerned parties.

This summary guide includes:
• An introductory text with a section-by-section summary guide to all the amendments and changes to the amended Data Privacy Ordinance
– All amendments and changes dealing with direct marketing matters which have just came into force on 1st April, 2013 are highlighted for easy reference
• A reproduction of the exact Ordinance serving as a desktop reference guide at your fingertips
• Helpful forms and documentation in the Appendices for readers’ need and interest
– Privacy Council’s Guide on Direct Marketing
– Legal Assistance Guide (which is now provided to all aggrieved parties)
– Standard data request form
– The LegCo report and results of the Octopus Rewards program investigation which led to the Ordinance being amended