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Hong Kong Conveyancing Law 8E 2018

Hong Kong Conveyancing Law 8E 2018
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The eighth edition of Hong Kong Conveyancing Law focuses on Small House Policy concerns, contract matters, remedies on default, equitable interests and remedies, “irregular” interests, anti-money laundering, and companies and conveyancing transactions.

What's new in this edition This eighth edition discusses recent key cases on:

  • The abuse of the small house policy: Li Ting Kit Tso v Cheung Tin Wah (2017)
  • The use of land as columbarium breaching the New Grant and whether it is permitted under the Outline Zoning Plan: Regal Shining Ltd v Secretary for Justice (2015)
  • Whether use of premises as a home for the elderly breached the restriction on use as a ‘tavern’ in an offensive trades clause: Incorporated Owners of Yue Sun Mansion v Lake Side Elderly Centre Ltd (2016)
  • Principles applicable to judicial review of planning restrictions as set out by the Court of Final Appeal: Hysan Development Co Ltd v Town Planning Board (2016)
  • Whether approval of plans are required from the Building Authority for demolition of unauthorised building works: Re Profit Success Development Ltd (2014)
  • The scope of discretion of the Building Authority under s 16(1)(g) of the Buildings Ordinance: Building Authority v Appeal Tribunal (Buildings) (2015)
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance: Ho Loy v Director of Environmental Protection (2016); Leung Hon Wai v Director of Environmental Protection (2015).

Chapter 1 Land Tenure in HK
 Chapter 2 System of Land Holding in HK
 Chapter 3 Planning Considerations 
 Chapter 4 Co-ownership of Multi-storey Buildings
 Chapter 5 Nature of the Title to be Given
 Chapter 6 Proof of Title
 Chapter 7 Property Investigation
 Chapter 8 Formation of Contract for Sale of Land
 Chapter 9 Contract - Vitiating Factors
 Chapter 10 Contract - Capacity, Status and Disabilities
 Chapter 11 Contents of Contract
 Chapter 12 Assignments
 Chapter 13 Security Transactions over Land
 Chapter 14 Completion of Contract for Sale of Land
 Chapter 15 Remedies for Breach of Contract of Sale of Lan