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* Jackson's Immigration Law and Practice 5th ed

* Jackson's Immigration Law and Practice 5th ed
Product ISBN: 9781847665461
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The fifth edition of this clear and practical book has been thoroughly updated by a team of specialist practitioners.

Jackson's Immigration Law and Practicei> deals comprehensively with immigration law procedure and practice, covering European and human rights law, deportation, asylum and onward appeals. In this continually evolving area of law, this new edition takes into account all recent major legislation changes and developments, relevant case law and policies since the last edition.

Changes to the new edition include:

  • Points Based System;
  • Rules governing the appeals procedure;
  • Changes in the administrative process;
  • The Government's changes in capping immigration.

The new edition of Jackson's Immigration Law and Practice also includes coverage of recent cases including decisions from Strasbourg, the House of Lords and the Court of Appeal, legislation and Practice Directions with considered opinion on their likely impact on everyday practice.