Data Protection and Privacy: Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence

Data Protection and Privacy: Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence
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This book brings together papers that offer conceptual analyses, highlight issues, propose solutions, and discuss practices regarding privacy, data protection and Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the results of the thirteenth annual International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) held in Brussels in January 2020.

The development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence promises significant break-throughs in how humans use data and information to understand and interact with the world. The technology, however, also raises significant concerns. In particular, concerns are raised as to how Artificial Intelligence will impact fundamental rights.

This interdisciplinary book has been written at a time when the scale and impact of data processing on society – on individuals as well as on social systems – is becoming ever starker. It discusses open issues as well as daring and prospective approaches and is an insightful resource for readers with an interest in computers, privacy and data protection.

1. Don't Accept Candy From Strangers: An Analysis of Third-Party Mobile SDKs
2. AI and the Right to Explanation: Three Legal Bases under the GDPR
3. A Comparison of Data Protection Regulations for Automotive Systems
4. Misaligned Union Laws?
A Comparative Analysis of Certification in the Cybersecurity Act and the General Data Protection Regulation
5. Aggregation, Synthesisation and Anonymisation:
A Call for a Risk-based Assessment of Anonymisation Approaches
6. The Role of the EU Fundamental Right to Data Protection in an Algorithmic and Big Data World
7. Implementing AI in Healthcare: An Ethical and Legal Analysis Based on Case Studies
8. Technological Experimentation Without Adequate Safeguards? Interoperable EU Databases and Access to the Multiple Identity Detector by SIRENE Bureaux

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