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(SL) International Franchising A Practitioners Guide 2010

-30% (SL) International Franchising A Practitioners Guide 2010
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Franchising has become a global phenomenon. Many brands have grown beyond their national markets and proved that this business expansion model can work around the world.

Meanwhile, in comparison to growth on a national scale, it is clear that cross-border franchising involves additional divergent business models and requires solutions to different issues in order to succeed,

This major new title, produced in conjunction with the International Bar Association, is a concise, practical guide for all those involved in planning and operating an international franchise programme, from in-house counsel to managing directors to those in private practice. It focuses exclusively on issues that typically arise in international franchise transactions. The book applies general know-how and industry experience to specific franchise industries such as hospitality, internet and technology, services and retail.

The lack of a harmonised franchise regime or dispute resolution system across the major jurisdictions means that this is not a simple exercise from a legal perspective. Many jurisdictions also require specific pre-contractual disclosure and/or registration. In addition to classic legal questions, efficient tax planning is required to secure success. In parallel, the book also reviews questions on data protection and intercultural communication during a franchise partnership, as well as financing possibilities from various national perspectives.

Uniquely, this title applies and reflects general practical and technical franchising know-how to specific franchised industries and highlights typical sector-by-sector questions and solutions in an international franchise context.