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Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century: Strategies for Success 2nd ed

Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century: Strategies for Success 2nd ed
Product ISBN: 9781787423022
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Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century: Strategies for Success 2nd ed

As the legal landscape becomes increasingly competitive, it is clear that law firms do not always do enough to remain at the top of their game. Firms that have embraced the challenges presented by increased competition are undeniably in a better position than those that have not.

This title aims to help partners understand what they can – and what they should not – do to chart the course of their firm most effectively, and covers current topics such as digitalisation and the emergence of new competitors from outside the market. Keeping abreast of market developments is an essential part of law firm management and this edition focuses on helping partners, and their teams, to develop the right strategy.

The second edition of this practical title in Globe Law and Business’s series on the business of law offers up new ways to think about strategy and how to explore it in the context of a partnership. It includes contributions from leading academics, consultants and law firm partners who share their insights and experience in strategy development and management.

Whether you are a managing partner of a small, medium or large law firm, this book offers a variety of viewpoints in a comprehensive single volume. As well as partners and their teams, it will also prove useful for consultants and academics in developing research in this important area.

Christoph H. Vaagt, Law Firm Change Consultants
General aspects of law firm strategies
Strategy in law firms – what it is and why we should care
Bente R. Løwendahl, BI Norwegian Business School
The role of professional ethics in shaping law firms’ strategy
Tomasz Wardynski, Wardynski & Partners
Drivers of change – driving strategy in law firms
Mats Anderson, clear blue water
How to drive change in a partnership setting
Wolf-Peter Gross, Law Firm Change Consultants
Changes to the business model of firms
Resource side strategies
Resource based approach to strategy
Dina Gracheva, Hilti Group
Culture of collaboration as a neglected driver of profitability
Heidi K. Gardner, Harvard Law School
Career path in law firms
Business models and evolving digital technologies
Rob Millard, Cambridge Strategy Group
Improving efficiency in law firms, the increasing role of business services in running a firm’s business and legal tech
Legal project management: efficiency of legal services
Outsourcing of business services
Market side strategies
The global law firm, the national champion and the small practice: successful market niche strategies
The new normal
Professionalising the pricing and procurement processes
Silvia Hodges Silverstein, Buying Legal Council
How to screw up your international expansion
How (not) to merge
Lisa R. Smith, Fairfax Associates
Winning and keeping clients
E. Leigh Dance, ELD International LLC
Corporate reputation: definitions and dimensions
The threat of substitution: how to cope with increasing in-housing of legal services
New entrants in the legal services market: TechFirms, Hybrid firms et al and the future of the legal market