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*Pre-order* Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2021

It is now time to renew your subscription to the Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2021 Service. Authored by an extremely talented pool of over 100 contributors drawn from private practice across the country, the Hong Kong White Book 2021 continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure. Every Order has been reviewed, and where appropriate updated, with new commentary and legislation. The 2021 edition is endorsed by the Judiciary and incorporates over 100 new cases.

The Hong Kong White Book 2021 Main Work (Volumes 1, 2, 3, ADR and Court Forms) will be published in September 2020. For Volume 1 (Parts A), updates include:

• Summary Judgment (O.14); Disposal of Case on Point of Law (O.14A); Pleadings (O.18); Case Management (O.25); Originating Summons Procedure (O.28); Judgments and
Orders (O.42); Accounts and Inquiries (O.43); Appeals to The Court of Appeal (O.59); Costs (O. 62); Costs Offers and Payments into Court (O.62.A); (HK) Particular Proceedings (O.72);
Actions for Specific Performance (O.86); Lodgment, Investment, etc. of Funds in Court (O.92); The Registration of Patents Ordinance (O.103); Organized Crime and Serious Crimes
Ordinance (O.116/117); and Child Abduction and Custody Ordinance (O.121).

For Volume 2 (Parts B-T), updates include: Probate and Administration Ordinance (Part D); CFA Ordinance (Part E); Limitation

(Part F); Companies and Winding-Up (Part H); and the Evidence Ordinance (Part J).

Volume 3 – ADR (Parts U-V) is updated for currency of cases and commentary.