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Dicey, Morris & Collins The Conflict of Laws 16th ed with 1st Supplement

Dicey, Morris & Collins The Conflict of Laws 16th ed with 1st Supplement
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Dicey, Morris & Collins on The Conflict of Laws is renowned worldwide as the foremost authority on private international law. It explains the rules, principles and practice that determine how the law of England & Wales relates to other legal systems. Its commentary, Rules and illustrations, with detailed reference to international conventions, legislation and case law, ensures it remains an indispensable tool for practitioners engaged in cross-border matters.

Across two volumes and a Companion Volume, it contains high-quality and detailed analysis. Volume 1 deals with general principles, the effects of withdrawal by the United Kingdom from the European Union, foreign affairs and the conflict of laws, procedural issues relating to international litigation, jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration. Volume 2 deals with a number of specific areas of law. It addresses family law, property law, succession and trusts, corporations and insolvency and the law of obligations. A Companion Volume considers in greater detail the transitional issues arising from the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union and the relevant EU legislation in a number of key areas.

The First Supplement, published in November 2023, brings the 16th edition up-to-date. It deals with all developments since the 16th edition was published in September 2022.

Important developments considered in the First Supplement to the 16th Edition include:

  • Detailed commentary on the revisions to the grounds for service out of the jurisdiction applicable from October 1, 2022.
  • All the many new High Court and appellate cases on jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign judgments.
  • Authorities on the enforcement of arbitration agreements.
  • Analysis of new authorities on foreign affairs and the conflict of laws.
  • Important new decisions on aspects of cross-border family law.
  • New decisions on the interpretation of the rules on choice of law for contractual and non-contractual obligations and property.
  • Consideration of case law on transitional issues arising following the withdrawal by the United Kingdom from the European Union.
Part 1: Preliminary Matters
1. Nature and scope of conflict of laws
2. Characterisation and the incidental question
3. The time factor
4. Renvoi
5. The exclusion of foreign law
6. Domicile and residence
Part 2: Procedure
7. Substance and procedure
8. International litigation
9. Proof of foreign law
Part 3: Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments
10. Jurisdictional immunities
11. Jurisdiction in claims in personam
12. Forum non conveniens, lis alibi pendens, anti-suit injuntions and jurisdiction agreements
13. Jurisdiction in admiralty claims in rem
14. Foreign judgments
15. Jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments under multilateral conventions
16. Arbitration and foreign awards
Part 4: Family Law
17. Marriage
18. Matrimonial clauses
19. Children
20. Legitimacy, legitimation and adoption
21. Mental incapacity
Part 5: Law of Property
22. Nature and situs of property
23. Immovables
24. Particular transfer of movables
25. Governmental acts affecting property
26. Administration of estates
27. Succession
28. The effect of marriage on property
29. Trusts
Part 6: Corporations and Insolvency
30. Corporations and corporate insolvency
31. Bankruptcy
Part 7: Law of Obligations
32. Contracts: General rules
33. Particular contracts
34. Restitution
35. Torts
36. Foreign currency obligations