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The 2020 Service is the essential companion and reference publication for every criminal practitioner. It consists of a main work, two supplements, four e-newsletters and new quarterly e-alerts on the latest and most notable cases.

Given the current environment as it relates to the Rule of Law, the 2020 edition of Archbold is perhaps the most important version of the publication to date. The General Editor, Professor Simon Young has overseen a comprehensive review to ensure relevant changes have been incorporated to maintain content currency at the time of going to press.

Of particular note, Gavin Shiu has completely rewritten the chapter on Identification Evidence and importantly, Professor Dykes has provided a section on National Emergency for the chapter on National Security. All legislative sections have been updated and all relevant HKCFA cases have been included.

The 2020 edition of Archbold Hong Kong allows you to stay confident in the face of an ever-changing legal environment. The Hon. Mr. Justice Bokhary GBM, NPJ continues as the Editor-in-Chief with Professor Simon Young remaining as General Editor.

Cited extensively in court judgments, Archbold is the authoritative companion which adds weight and credibility to your arguments. It concentrates on what the law is, rather than what it ought to be, covering  both substantive law as well as the practice and procedure of the court.

Archbold Hong Kong 2020 is the essential companion and reference publication for every criminal practitioner

The Hon. Mr. Justice Bokhary continues as the Editor-in-Chief and Mr. Graham Harris QC as the General Editor. Every word is ingrained with the wisdom, experience and expertise of our expert author team who know what it takes to build watertight cases and deliver when it really matters.