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Family Law & Practice in Hong Kong 3rd ed 2018 + Proview

Family Law & Practice in Hong Kong 3rd ed 2018 + Proview
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Family Law & Practice in Hong Kong 3rd ed 2018 by Philippa Hewitt, published by Sweet & Maxwell.

 Your all-in-one resource for Family Law

• A virtual re-write of the second edition, with extensive changes to each chapter.
• Includes a new chapter on Co-habitation.
• Wealth of new cases and decisions on all topics.
• Discusses the “Arrangement on reciprocal recognition and enforcement of civil judgements in matrimonial and family cases”.
• Edited by Ms. Philippa Hewitt, Professional Support Lawyer in divorce and family from Withersworldwide and a team of distinguished contributors.

Updates are provided on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

1. Prenuptial agreements;
2. Trusts and divorce;
3. The effect of corporate structures in assets division;
4. Habitual residence for children;
5. Cross-border issues;
6. Co-habitation and the effect on children of unmarried parents;
7. Co-habitation and marriage rights of same sex partners;
8. ADR-collaborative practice; etc.
The text further offers an analysis of the main ordinances and laws in Hong Kong governing divorce, children’s welfare and financial relief on the breakdown of a marriage.
All legal precedents and cases from the last 4 years are included and updated where necessary.
Important new cases covered in this edition:
1. The same sex cases: QT v Director of Immigration CACV 117/2016 and Leung Chun Kwong v
Secretary for the Civil Service HCAL 258/2015 and recent developments in the UK with civil
partnership for heterosexual couples.

2. Beneficial ownership cases: LWYA v KYW and LLP (shares in family company: gift or transfer)
CACV 151 and 152 of 2013; [2014] HKFLR 567 and addbacks: CFA case of Mimi Kar Kee Wong
Hung v Raymond Kin Sang Hung [2015] HKFLR 318.

3. Court of Final Appeal cases: SPH v SA (marital agreements and forum) and Kan Lai Kwan (KLK)
v Poon Lok To Otto (PLTO) [2014] (trusts) – judgements were delivered shortly after the 2nd
edition was published in 2014.