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BPP CIMA E3 Strategic Management Course Book 2024

-20% BPP CIMA E3 Strategic Management Course Book 2024
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Strategy lies at the heart of what organisations do, how they do it, and why they do it. E3 looks into the processes that lie behind how an organisation sets out to achieve its stated aims and goals. In doing so these organisations must take account of their internal resource constraints, the threats and opportunities that lie within their environment, and the need to satisfy the needs of a wide range of stakeholders. In the digital world the nature of competition and collaboration is changing, as so-called ‘ecosystems’ emerge, with collaboration perhaps being the key to competitive success. To that end, harnessing digital technologies and aligning these with more traditional operational and strategic tools will be essential.


Syllabus areas:

A The strategy process

B Analysing the organisational ecosystem

C Generating strategic options

D Making strategic choices

E Strategic control

F Digital strategy