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LPC Family 12th ed

LPC Family 12th ed
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Family Law takes a practical approach to family law and procedure, supporting students with a range of learning features such as self-test questions, chapter summaries, and diagrams. Case studies and examples are included throughout to show the practical applications of the law and are accompanied by worked sample documents.

table of content

Part 1. Introduction
1:Family law practice and the first interview
3:Alternative dispute resolution in family law
4:The Single Family Court
Part 2. Relationship Breakdown
5:Separation and nullity
7:Defences to divorce and dissolution
9:Procedure for a matrimonial order
10:Civil Partnership Act 2004
Part 3. Money and Property
11:Financial orders following divorce or dissolution
12:Financial orders
13:Pre-marital agreements
14:Procedure for financial orders
15:Variation, collection, and enforcement of financial orders
16:Protecting assets and the family home in financial order proceedings
17:Separation and maintenance agreements
18:Child support
19:Pensions in financial proceedings
20:Taxation in family law
21:Welfare benefits
Part 4. Cohabitation
23:Cohabitation and finance
Part 5. Children
24:Introduction to the Children Act 1989
25:Parental responsibility
26:Private children law
27:Private children law procedure
28:Child abduction
29:Children in local authority care
30:Emergency protection of children
31:Public children procedure
32:Child protection conferences
Part 6. Domestic Abuse
33:Protection under the Family Law Act 1996: non-molestation orders
34:Protection under the Family Law Act 1996: occupation orders
35:Protection under the Family Law Act 1996: emergency protection and enforcement
36:Protection under the Family Law Act 1996: procedure
37:Protection from harassment