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CLP Legal Practice Guides: Property Law and Practice 2022-23

CLP Legal Practice Guides: Property Law and Practice 2022-23
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Property Law and Practice provides a detailed examination of the processes involved in freehold and leasehold property transactions, clearly addressing the issues that arise in both the residential and commercial fields. It deals with all the issues confronting the practitioner on a day-to-day basis to provide a complete overview of modern conveyancing practice.

table of content

Essential Background
Introduction to Property Law and Practice
Outline of a Simple Transaction
Underlying Land Law Principles – Rights and Interests
Underlying Land Law Principles – Registered and Unregistered Land
Conduct Issues Relevant to Conveyancing
Property Taxation
Town and Country Planning, Building Regulations and Related Matters
The Conveyancing Transaction: Initial Stages
Marketing the Property and Taking Instructions
Finance for the Buyer
Advising Joint Buyers
Fixtures and Fittings
Action Following Instructions
The Conveyancing Transaction: Procedure Leading to Exchange
Deduction of Title
Investigation of Title – How to Investigate Title
Investigation of Title – Problems and Worked Examples
Searches and Enquiries Before Contract
The Draft Contract
Conditional Contracts and Options
The Mortgage
The Deposit
Preparing to Exchange
Exchange of Contracts
The Conveyancing Transaction: After Exchange
The Consequences of Exchange
Request for Completion Information
The Transfer Deed
Pre-completion Searches
Preparing for Completion
The Conveyancing Transaction: Completion and Post-completion
After Completion
Delay and Remedies
Late Completion
Introduction to Leasehold Property
The Grant of a Lease
The Assignment of a Lease
Drafting Leases
Flat Management Schemes and Service Charge Provisions
Rent Review in Commercial Leases
Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, Part II
Sales of Part and New Properties
Sales of Part
New Properties