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CLP Legal Practice Guides: Civil Litigation 2022-23

CLP Legal Practice Guides: Civil Litigation 2022-23
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Civil Litigation is a thorough, up to date and practical introduction to the Civil Procedure Rules and the principles and tactics used in pursuing a civil case. The civil process has been divided into five stages, starting with pre-action considerations, moving on to examine the issue and service of proceedings, before considering interim matters, trial and enforcement. The aim of the book is to equip readers with the knowledge necessary to enable them successfully to navigate their way through these stages. The text has a user-friendly structure and includes checklists and specimen documents which build up into a case study forming a useful overview of the civil litigation process. The appendices incorporate helpful templates, flow diagrams, case study documents and copies of the more common court forms used in civil litigation.

table of content

Considerations at the First Interview including Funding the Claim
Early Action
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Commencing Proceedings
Responding to Proceedings and Judgment in Default
Statements of Case
Additional Proceedings and Part 8 Claims
Case Management and Allocation of Cases
Applications to the Court
Disclosure and Inspection of Documents
Final Preparations for Trial, Trial and Assessment of Costs
Enforcement of Money Judgments
Court Forms, Protocols and Guidelines
Templates for Drafting Key Documents
Flow Diagrams
Case Study Documents"