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CLP Legal Practice Guides: Business Law and Practice 2022-23

CLP Legal Practice Guides: Business Law and Practice 2022-23
Product ISBN: 9781915469038
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Business Law and Practice provides a detailed guide to the forms of business most commonly encountered in practice, examining how they must be run in accordance with the statutory and common law applicable to them. It explains these businesses relationships with outsiders and gives an overview of their possible tax liabilities. As such, the book provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to advising businesses, whatever their type.

table of content

Starting a Business
The Different Types of Business
Introduction to the Company
Running a Business as a Company Limited by Shares
How to Set Up a Company
The Company’s Constitution
The Company’s Shareholders
Officers of the Company
Controls on Directors
Company Decision-making
Financing a Company: Shares
Financing a Company: Debt
Taking Security
Public Companies
Running a Business in Partnership
The Start of a Partnership
The Partnership Agreement
Partners’ Responsibilities
Liability for the Firm’s Debts
Limited Liability Partnerships
Corporate Insolvency
Personal Insolvency
Calculation of Trading Profits of a Business
Taxation of Companies: Corporation Tax
Taxation of Companies: Special Provisions Relating To Companies
Taxation of Sole Traders
Taxation of Partnerships
Taxation of Employees and Directors
Taxation of Savings and Investment Income
Business Reliefs from CGT and IHT Available to Individuals
Tax Considerations in Choice of Medium
Some Aspects of Trading
Sale of Goods
Employment and Other Regulatory Concerns
Introduction to Agency and Distribution Agreements
Choosing a Marketing Agreement
Competition Law