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Bar Manual: Remedies 21st ed

Bar Manual: Remedies 21st ed
Product ISBN: 9780192857965
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Remedies ensures that trainee barristers can correctly identify remedial relief and calculate damages for their clients. Combining explanations of substantive law with problems and worked examples, trainee barristers are encouraged to apply their knowledge and find practical solutions to problems likely to be encountered in practice.



  • Detailed coverage of remedies across a variety of legal settings provides trainee barristers with a strong foundational understanding and ensures they are thoroughly prepared to choose and advise appropriate remedies for clients
  • Exercises throughout the manual allow the reader to test their understanding of concepts and apply them to scenarios likely to be encountered in practice
  • Features a chapter dedicated to problems on contract and tort, providing trainee barristers with the opportunity to practise and gain confidence in their ability to choose appropriate remedies for their clients
  • Fully revised chapters on damages in contract and tort, liability for breach of contract, and new coverage of the Human Rights Act in post-Brexit UK ensure students' understanding of the impact of contemporary issues is fully supported
  • Coverage of future developments in judicial review encourages awareness of potential changes, better preparing students as they get ready for practice
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

table of content

2:Who to sue?
3:Liability for breach of contract
4:Liability in tort
5:Damages in contract and tort
6:Liability and damages for misrepresentation
7:Equitable remedies in contract
9:Bailment and interference with goods
10:Quantum of damages for personal injury
11:Quantum of damages for a fatal accident
12:Real property law remedies
13:Remedies in the law of trusts
14:Other equitable remedies
15:Judicial review
16:Remedies for unlawful discrimination
17:European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
18:Class problems in contract and tort