ACCA Financial Accounting (FA) Exam Kit 2021-2022

-20% ACCA Financial Accounting (FA) Exam Kit 2021-2022
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The Financial Accounting Exam Kit was created to enhance your understanding of financial reporting within a business, by practicing exam-style questions covering accounting techniques, concepts and regulations, and recapping the issues financial accountants face as learnt in the syllabus. The Exam Kit features worked examples to test your understanding, practice questions, and tutor debriefs to help you learn how the correct answers were reached.

Topics covered:

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    Context and purpose of financial reporting
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    Qualitative characteristics of financial information
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    Fundamental bases of accounting
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    Double entry and accounting systems
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    Recording transactions and events
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    Preparing trial balances (including identifying and correcting errors)
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    Preparing financial statements
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    Interpreting financial statements