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How to Persuade: The Skills You Need to Get What You Want

How to Persuade: The Skills You Need to Get What You Want
Product ISBN: 9781119891871
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A fun and creative approach to positively influencing others

In every business—and in life—we are near-constantly pitching to win projects, deals, clients, contracts, and more. When the stakes are high, we need to know how to be persuasive. In How to Persuade, leading communication and presentation expert Michelle Bowden teaches you, step by step, how to build your personal skills in persuasion. You'll learn from real-world examples so you can become a master of impressing, inspiring, and influencing others.

If you've ever felt unsure of the most effective way to convince others, or you just want to hear the word YES more often in your life, How to Persuade is the book for you. The techniques in this book are useful, not only in typical business situations like pitches, but also for unplanned (but important) conversations in the hallway, e-mails, and personal relationships. This is your essential, step-by-step guide to positively influencing others and getting what you need.

  • Improve your skills in positively influencing others and getting your needs met
  • Use better strategies to convince your listener and get them to see your point of view.
  • Find your personal persuasion style and use it to build on your natural strengths
  • Learn the most common mistakes people make when trying to persuade others—and what you should be saying and doing instead

Based on real research and practical strategies, How to Persuade is your key to building better relationships, advancing your career, winning more business, and driving affirmative results.