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* Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Framework 4th ed

* Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Framework 4th ed
Product ISBN: 9781119815334
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This title provides a comprehensive overview of customer relationship management. It emphasizes customer strategies and building customer value. New to this edition are:

  • Customer success management. This is a discipline that has arisen with SaaS businesses like Salesforce, Medallia, Totango, and almost all software these days, which can now be sold from “the cloud.” The discipline even has lessons for how to manage remote workers, given the dramatic increase in off-premises work required during Covid19.
  • Better decision-making practices with data. An increasingly important topic for students and professionals because of the immense amounts of data generated by smartphone, IoT, and other technologies. Readers must be able to understand and communicate with statistical analysts without having to resort to advanced equations. They need to know the difference between observational data and interactive data, and they need to be able to detect when data is not being used properly (which is more and more frequent these days). So we need to talk about things such as A/B testing, Goodhart’s Law, and even Bayesian analysis, without requiring math. behavioral economics lessons, biases in VOC subjective data, better use of “observational” data, Goodhart’s Law, etc. Also, some basic statistical principles that don’t require equations – such as A/B testing ideas, and sequential Bayes Theorem testing, and what that implies for marketing decisions.
  • Marketing issues related to startups. The “customer development” process is integral to startup planning and involves research to probe customer needs. Readers need a background in issues such as “agile” process thinking, which has come to dominate the rapidly changing, more entrepreneurial companies of today, and is a major part of many companies’ marketing efforts, which can be treated as “ventures” to be explored and developed. the “customer development” process is integral to startup planning, and involves research to probe customer needs.
  • CRM tools and platforms. These tools and platforms  (like Salesforce and others) need to be capable of helping companies “treat different customers differently,” and the only way to do this at scale is to use mass-customization principles to digitize the process.
  • The Big Tech threat to privacy, autonomy, competition, etc. Network-effect monopolies? Income inequality? This may be the “last frontier” of the new one-to-one marketing model.  Make money by protecting privacy, not threatening it.