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Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading a Diverse and Effective Board of Directors 2nd

Startup Boards: A Field Guide to Building and Leading a Diverse and Effective Board of Directors 2nd
Product ISBN: 9781119859284
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Startup Boards was originally written for a small, core audience of startup CEOs. This edition expands that core base to include a much larger audience of readers and a much larger base of organizations with any type of board. Readers involved in a local library board, large-scale nonprofit board, or company board will find valuable information and insights. Existing board members will learn how to be more effective. People seeking board positions will learn how to search and find roles. Investors will have a resource to share with their investment companies to ensure that the board is highly effective. Students will have an introduction to this critical resource before they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Startup Boards is written in a conversational, inviting tone, accessible to extremely busy people who need to understand the basics of board governance, how to recruit and train board members, and how to handle issues that arise. The book is divided into multiple sections covering a breadth of topics, from forming a board to exiting--whether selling a company, going public, or going bankrupt. Sidebars and text boxes provide additional ideas and tips from well-known entrepreneurs and investors like Fred Wilson, Will Herman, Reid Hoffman, Tony Hsieh, and others. The new edition includes content on building a board (composition, evolution of the board, recruiting and retaining members, onboarding, evaluation) and getting a board role (preparing for a board role, interviewing, making an impact, giving difficult feedback). New quantitative measures of boards across multiple industries and company size will be added to illustrate key points.