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Agile Auditing: Fundamentals and Applications

Agile Auditing: Fundamentals and Applications
Product ISBN: 9781119693321
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Agile Auditing: Fundamentals and Applications introduces readers to the applications and techniques unlocked by tested and proven agile project management principles. This book educates readers on an approach to auditing that emphasizes risk-based auditing, collaboration, and speedy delivery of meaningful assurance assessments while ensuring quality results and a focus on the areas that pose the greatest material risks to the business under audit.

The discipline of auditing has been forever changed via the introduction of new technologies, including:

  • Machine learning
  • Virtual Conferencing
  • Process automation
  • Data analytics

Hugely popular in software development, the agile approach is just making its way into the field of audit. This book provides concrete examples and practical solutions for auditors who seek to implement agile techniques and methods.

Agile Auditing is perfect for educators, practitioners, and students in the auditing field who are looking for ways to introduce greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness to their discipline.