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# Hong Kong Taxation and Tax Planning 20th 2021

# Hong Kong Taxation and Tax Planning 20th 2021
Product ISBN: 9789888652389
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The objective of Hong Kong Taxation and Tax Planning is to provide readers with taxation knowledge from the basic to the advance level of tax planning. At the same time, this book is a very valuable tool for students learning their materials for the preparation of academic and professional examinations.

The author has been trying his best to accomplish the above objective in the past editions. This is done with the provision of the most updated tax knowledge and concept maps to assist readers in understanding the difficult tax knowledge.


  • Written in easily understood English
  • Meet students; needs by explaining how to study taxation and achieve better examination results
  • “Learning objectives” at the beginning of each chapter assists students to understand what they are going to learn in each chapter
  • “Questions to test your knowledge” at the end of each chapter reminds students what they have learned
  • More than 160 tables to make the knowledge more easily understandable
  • More than 160 numerical examples to demonstrate the requisite knowledge
  • More than 100 concept maps to visually present the relationship of the key elements or components of a particular difficult tax issue or concept
  • 40 “examination questions” at the end of each section and 28 “mock examination questions” testing students' tax knowledge with suggested answers and time allowed for their reference
  • The law was updated up to 30 April 2021