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Elgar Concise Encyclopedia of Aviation Law

Elgar Concise Encyclopedia of Aviation Law
Product ISBN: 9781803923642
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The Elgar Concise Encyclopedia of Aviation Law is an exemplary reference book providing a comprehensive overview of the origins, current landscape, and defining characteristics of the dynamic field of aviation law.

Curated by two internationally recognised scholars in the field, entries are written by a wealth of specialist academics, legal experts, practitioners and representatives of global institutions. The Encyclopedia provides a state-of-the-art review of over 140 topics addressing the rapid evolution of aviation law, its most recent developments, and current and future trends. Entries include in-depth examinations of air piracy and crime, the Bermuda I and II Agreements, the effects of Brexit on aviation law as well as discussions surrounding liability, military aircraft, non-revenue flights and traffic rights. This Elgar Encyclopedia delivers high-level analyses on aviation-related topics whilst remaining accessible to academic scholars, researchers, and professionals working in the area.

This rich and authoritative resource will be a fundamental reference point for all scholars, students, legal practitioners, and industry professionals connected with this rapidly-developing sector.

Key Features:

  • Highlights the most recent developments in aviation law
  • Over 140 entries written by leading scholars and practitioners
  • A pioneering Encyclopedia covering key topics in the field of aviation law
  • Comprehensive coverage of the origins, development and future trends within aviation law