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Aircraft Financing 5th ed

Aircraft Financing 5th ed
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Aircraft are mainly bought by two groups of buyers:

  • Airlines for their own use, and
  • Operating lessors for onward leasing to airlines

Both groups of buyers require substantial external funding, both debt and equity, to accommodate these purchases.

Historically four key sources have funded the aviation industry:

  • bank debt (secured and unsecured)
  • sovereign guaranteed debt (secured)
  • capital markets (equity secured and unsecured bonds)
  • internal cash flow generation

This is the leading text providing guidance on all the funding options available, the best way to secure funding and how to ensure that robust legal structures framing the commercial deal are in place.

The book is divided into four core sections:

  • Part A: Market Context which sets the scene giving the user market context and an overview of aircraft financing
  • Part B: Transaction structuring which looks at the credit, the asset, the legal structuring and tax drivers
  • Part C: Core Products and Regional Markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China, France, Germany, Spain and Japan), and
  • Part D: Regulatory Matters including accounting developments

Key updates for the new Fifth Edition include new chapters on:

  • The environment
  • Compliance
  • GATS (Global Aircrafts Training Systems (GATS), as well as
  • Full explanation and analysis of recent regulatory changes including changes brought about by Basel IV

Due to the complexities involved in this area and the need to ensure that any commercial deal is legally sound Aircraft Financing is the essential reference tool for anyone involved in aircraft financing transactions.

table of content

Part A - Market Context
Chapter 1: Commercial Bank Lending
Chapter 2: Overview of Aircraft Financing Markets
Chapter 3: Aircraft Capital Markets
Part B - Transaction Structuring
Chapter 4: Assessing and Airline's Credit
Chapter 5: Aircraft as Investments
Chapter 6: Legal Issues in Aircraft Finance
Chapter 7: Cross-border Aircraft Leasing - Key Taxation Considerations
Part C - Core Products and Regional Markets
Chapter 8: Export Credit Financing
Chapter 9: Operation Leasing - A Lessor's Perspective
Chapter 10: A Lessee's Guide to Aircraft Financing
Chapter 11: Pre-delivery Payments Financing
Chapter 12: Regional Markets
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Japan
Chapter 13: Islamic Finance
Chapter 14: Engine Leasing and Financing
Chapter 15: Issues Relating to Off-shore SPVs
Chapter 16: Insurance Considerations
Chapter 17: Aircraft Repossession
Part D - Regulatory Matters
Chapter 18: The Regulatory Framework for Airline Operations
Chapter 19: Aviation and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Chapter 20: International Conventions Affecting Aircraft Financing Transactions
Chapter 21: Basel IV - The Regulatory Framework
Chapter 22: Accounting Developments in Aircraft Finance