* FIDIC Contracts in Asia Pacific: A Practical Guide to Application

* FIDIC Contracts in Asia Pacific: A Practical Guide to Application
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FIDIC contracts are the most widely used contracts for international construction around the world and are used in many different jurisdictions, both common law and civil law. For any construction project, the General Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC need to be supplemented by Particular Conditions that specify the specific requirements of that project subject to the relevant laws.

FIDIC Contracts in Asia Pacific provides readers with detailed guidance and resources for the preparation of the Particular Conditions that will comply with the requirements of the applicable laws for a number of the jurisdictions in which FIDIC contracts are used. The laws that apply to the governing law of the contract, construction works and dispute resolution in each jurisdiction are identified. This book offers chapters on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Underground Works, and the perspective of a multilateral development bank (MDB) on the use of FIDIC contracts. Each jurisdiction features an outline of its construction industry and information on the impact of COVID-19 on both the execution of construction projects and the operation of construction contracts.

This book is essential reading for construction professionals, lawyers and students of construction law using FIDIC contracts.

table of content

Table of Figures and Tables
Table of Cases
Table of Legislation
Donald Charrett
Bill Howard – FIDIC President
1. Introduction
Donald Charrett
2. The FIDIC Golden Principles
Donald Charrett
3. Preparation of Particular Conditions
Donald Charrett
4. The FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Underground Works (the Emerald Book)
Hon. Peter Vickery QC
5. JICA's Perspectives on the Use of FIDIC Contracts
Takashi Ito and Michino Yamaguchi
6. Australia
Donald Charrett
7. China
Yiwen Sun
8. Fiji
Nicholas Barnes, Melvin Chand, and Komal Singh
9. Hong Kong
Ben Bury and Julie-Anne Mallis
10. India
Sri Venkatesh, Kanika Chugh, Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava, Aditya Vardhan Sharma, and Aditya Ajay
11. Indonesia
Sarwono Hardjomuljadi, Ir Dona Alisyah Siregar, Henrico Hariandja, Peni Jati Setjowati, Enni M. Soetanto, and Reynaldo Albertiny
12. Japan
Naoki Iguchi and Kairo Sugimoto
13. Korea
Mino Han and Jennifer Yoo
14. Malaysia
Ben Bury and Julie-Anne Mallis
15. Nepal
Hare Ram Shrestha and Tanka Prasad Dulal
16. Pakistan
Khawaja Hamid Mushtaq
17. Papua New Guinea
Joe Barbaro, Andrew McCormack, Nick Throne, Ryan Warokra, and Kenneth Imako
18. Philippines
Salvador P. Castro Jr.
19. Singapore
Yvone Foo
20. Sri Lanka
Malith Mendis, Harsha Cabral, and Chamaka Ambagahawita
21. Vietnam
Trung Nguyen Nam, Le The Hung, and Nguyen Thi Hoa