A Practical Guide to Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts

A Practical Guide to Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts
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This book is a step-by-step practical guide on how to achieve successful projects in EPC/turnkey contracting and construction.

Mapping out the shape of a project, the book spells out where things often go wrong, where and why disputes arise, and how to avoid conflicts.

It is a key reference point for all involved in the contract, making it attractive to legal practitioners, construction industry professionals, and government officials involved with these projects.

Eric Eggink spent 28 years as a lawyer in the construction business working on various projects of considerable size, including Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong. He worked on the High Speed Rail Link between Amsterdam and Brussels and has experience as an arbitrator and as a dispute board member, whilst running his own consultancy business.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Main Causes of Disputes in Construction Projects
Chapter 2. The Conception of an Idea for a Project
Chapter 3. The Employer’s Requirements, the Conceptual Design and the Contract Conditions
Chapter 4. The Tendering for and Negotiation of a Contract
Chapter 5. Basic Design and Engineering
Chapter 6. The Procurement of Services and Materials
Chapter 7. Construction
Chapter 8. Delays
Chapter 9. Testing the Works
Chapter 10. The Taking-Over by the Owner
Chapter 11. The Defects Liability Period
Chapter 12. Contract Management
Chapter 13. Working in a Consortium or a Joint Venture on a Project and the Difference Between the Two
Chapter 14. The Power Structures of a Joint Venture and a Consortium and the Decision-Making Process