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Legal Methods: A Handbook

Legal Methods: A Handbook
Product ISBN: 9781509938018
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This work provides lawyers with more than 100 legal interpretation figures that are used by lawyers worldwide to justify their legal decisions. The book puts lawyers in a position, to develop - step by step - a solution for a hitherto unsolved legal problem in such a way that it convinces the opposing party of the content of his/her solution.

The book covers:

  • legal sources
  • classic and modern figures of interpretation
  • the challenging concretisation and construction of law
  • influence of the constitution and European law as a higher-ranking law
  • determination of the limits of permissible further development of the law
  • and, very relevant for practice, the hermeneutics of facts

The book benefits from a combination of classic and modern methodology, a lively presentation with numerous examples from literature and jurisprudence and coverage of several cases for in-depth reflection.

The work will be a significant tool for all those interested in the basics of law.