* Underhill and Hayton Law of Trusts and Trustees 20th ed

* Underhill and Hayton Law of Trusts and Trustees 20th ed
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Underhill & Hayton Law of Trusts and Trustees is our flagship Trusts title and is recognised as being the leading book in the market.

Written by renowned experts in the field this major work provides practitioners with expert commentary on the law of trusts and trustees and is a guide to all legal developments relating to trusts. It examines legislation and case law, including cases from significant offshore trust jurisdictions likely to affect UK trust law - beneficial to those working in Trusts both at legal practices as well as banks and accountancy firms.

Its easy reference format takes you through the definitions of trusts, administration of trusts and consequences of breaches of trust. Whatever stage you are advising clients at, you will find all the information you need in Underhill and Hayton.