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Shipping and the Environment: Law & Practice 3rd ed

Shipping and the Environment: Law & Practice 3rd ed
Product ISBN: 9780367198282
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From the time it was first published in 1998, Shipping and the Environment has been the leading text on international and U.S. law and practice in this field. Written by renowned legal and insurance practitioners with over 100 years of combined specialist experience, including first-hand knowledge of many major incidents, it is not only a comprehensive reference work but an abundant source of introductory material and practical insights, all explained with a clarity appreciated by lawyers and non-lawyers alike in a broad international readership.

While updating its core subjects of pollution from ships, wreck removal and dumping at sea, this enlarged text extends into other modern areas including pollution from offshore operations after Deepwater Horizon, plastics released into the sea, recycling of vessels, polar operations, and the fast-changing restrictions on carbon emissions from ships, as well as safety threats such as cyberattacks, terrorism and modern forms of piracy.

With a highly readable introductory chapter amounting to a book within a book, this is a volume of great importance to all whose work or studies are concerned with marine environmental affairs, whether in government, international bodies, industry, technical organizations, the professions, environmental NGOs, the academic world or other walks of life.

table of content

Part I: Introduction
Part II: Liability and Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage
Part III: Compensation for Damage by Hazardous and Noxious Substances
Part IV: Admissibility and Assessment of Claims
Part V: The Law Relating to Particular Parties
Part VI: Limitation of Liability
Part VII: Prevention, Reduction and Control of Damage to the Marine Environment