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Arnould's Law of Marine Insurance and Average 20th ed with 2nd Supplement

Arnould's Law of Marine Insurance and Average 20th ed with 2nd Supplement
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This set consists of the 20th edition published in July 2021 and the 2nd cumulative supplement published July 2023

Arnould's Law of Marine Insurance and Average explains the form, contents and construction of marine insurance policies, and the procedures and evidence required in bringing a case.


New to the edition:

  • Chapters 4 (Regulation) and 6 (Jurisdiction and Applicable Law) have been significantly revised to deal with the position post-Brexit (in so far as that position is yet determined)


Also covered are a number of decisions handed down since the last edition, including:

  • ABN Amro Bank NV v Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance plc;
  • Delta Petroleum Caribbean Ltd v BVI Electricity Corp (SC);
  • Acorn Finance v Markel;
  • Alize 1954 and CMA CGM v Allianz (CA);
  • Stoffel v Grondona (SC); and
  • Herculito Maritime Ltd v Gunvor International BV.


The second supplement to the 20th Edition covers key cases, including:

  • London Steam-Ship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association, The Prestige, Case C-700/20
  • DHL Project and Chartering Ltd v Gemini Ocean Shipping Co Ltd, The Newcastle Express, [2022] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 575
  • JDA Co Ltd v AIG Insurance New Zealand Ltd [2023] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 157
  • Candey Ltd v Bosheh [2022] 4 WLR 84
  • PT Adidaya Energy Mandiri v MS First Capital Insurance Ltd [2022] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 381
  • Ridley v Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC [2022] EWHC 1912 (Comm)
  • Piraeus Bank A.E. v Antares Underwriting Ltd [2022] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 1

table of content

1. The Contract of Marine Insurance Generally
2. Forms and Contents of Marine Policies
3. The Construction of Marine Policies
4. Classes of Marine Insurers
5. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
6. The Premium: Payment and Return
7. The Assured's Agents: Rights, Duties and Liabilities
8. Persons Who May Claim on the Policy
9. Floating Policies and Open Covers
10. The Subjects of Marine Insurance
11. Insurable Interest
12. Valuation of Insurable Interests
13. Duration of Risk: Time Policies and Voyage Policies
14. Change of Voyage, Deviation and Delay
15. The Pre-contractual Duty of Utmost Good Faith: General Principles
16. Non-disclosure
17. Misrepresentation
18. The Post-contractual Duty of Utmost Good Faith and Fraudulent Claims
18A The Consumer Insurance Act 2012
18B The Insurance Act 2015
19. Express Warranties
20. Implied Warranties: Seaworthiness
20A Contracting Out of the Insurance Act 2015 Regime
21. Illegality of the Risk
22. Losses Covered by the Policy: General Principles
23. Marine Risks
24. War Risks
25. Sue and Labour Expenses
26. General Average
27. Particular Average
28. Actual Total Loss
29. Constructive Total Loss
30. Abandonment
31. Subrogation
32. Double Insurance and Contribution
33. Reinsurance