* Admiralty and Merchant Shipping Court Forms 3rd ed

* Admiralty and Merchant Shipping Court Forms 3rd ed
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The new edition of this long-established text provides everything needed for accurate pleading in the Admiralty, Commercial and Mercantile courts.

It supplies a comprehensive collection of forms and precedents from these courts together with detailed, step-by-step guidance on their completion. For each area it explains the applicable legislation and case law, the procedural rules and Practice Directions, highlights common mistakes and advises on how to complete the forms effectively. Examples of completed pleadings and applications are also included for reference.

  • Provides expert guidance on the forms and main precedents in use in the main commercial courts in England and Wales
  • Covers the Mercantile Court as well as the Admiralty and Commercial Courts
  • Sets out precedents of common forms of pleadings, applications and other formal documents
  • Gives practical advice on their use
  • Contains procedural checklists, diagrams, flowcharts and worked examples to help users understand how the courts work and how best to use the forms
  • Takes account of the new systems within the Admiralty and Commercial Court and the new ACC Guide
  • Features a glossary of specialist terms
  • Includes coverage of the Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australasia