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* Limited Liability Partnerships Handbook 4th ed

* Limited Liability Partnerships Handbook 4th ed
Product ISBN: 9781526516459
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A practical guide to the business vehicle which for many is the entity of choice for the forward thinking professional services firm and general businesses. It offers clear descriptions of the nature and consequences of LLPs and assists with the process of conversion from a partnership, covering:

  • the formation of and transfer of a business to an LLP
  • relationships between members, the LLP and themselves
  • accounting, taxation, and insolvency, and
  • precedents

Practically oriented and written this comprehensive handbook is invaluable for every limited liability partnership and every partnership planning to convert.

table of content

1. The Background and Legislative Development
2. What is an LLP?
3. The Process of Formation and Naming
4. Post Formation Administration
5. The Transfer of Business
6. Membership Concepts
7. Designated Members
8. Governance of the LLP
9. Taxation of LLPs
10. Accounts and Auditing
11. Members' Financial Interests
12. Miscellaneous Provisions
13. Voluntary Arrangements
14. Administration
15. Voluntary Winding Up
16. Winding Up by the Court
17. General Winding Up Provisions
18. Company Directors Disqualification
19. Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
20. Risk Management and LLPs