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Partnership and LLP Law 9th ed

Partnership and LLP Law 9th ed
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This book details the principles of the current law on partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships in an accessible form. It details the formation and nature of partnership including the interface between partners and employees, workers, and creditors in a partnership context. It then looks at how partnership interacts with public regulations. Next it sets out the position regarding contracts and other transactions involving a partnership, followed by consideration of the relationship between partners, including partnership property. Dissolution of, and exiting from, a solvent partnership, precede a chapter on insolvency either of a partner or the firm. Limited partnerships, including the new form, Private Fund Limited Partnerships, are detailed, highlighting the differences from partnerships.

For this new edition, the coverage of limited liability partnerships has been fully revised and expanded. After setting out the background to the legislation and explaining its structure, the book examines the requirements for the creation of LLPs, how they are incorporated, and the consequences of their incorporation as separate legal entities. It explores what membership of an LLP entails, including the interrelation of membership with employment and worker status, and the relations between members and the LLP and between the members themselves. It then looks at the default provisions, the role of the LLP Agreement, and the extent to which contractual doctrines such as repudiation and frustration apply to that agreement. Finally, the book looks at decision-making within an LLP, termination of a member's membership, and insolvency and dissolution of the LLP itself.

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Table of Cases
Table of Primary Legislation
Table of Secondary Legislation
Table of European Legislation
List of Abbreviations
1.:Partnerships and Partnership Law
2.:Establishing a Partnership
3.:Legal Controls on Partnerships
4.:Partners and Outsiders
5.:Partners and Each Other
6.:Partnership Property
7.:Dissolution and Winding Up
8.:Partnerships and Insolvency
9.:Limited Partnerships
10.:LLPs: An Introduction
11.:The Corporate Structure
13.:Rights and Duties of Membership
14.:The LLP Agreement
16.:Termination of Membership
17.:Insolvency and Dissolution