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Law and Technology in a Global Digital Society: Autonomous Systems, Big Data, IT Security and Legal Tech

Law and Technology in a Global Digital Society: Autonomous Systems, Big Data, IT Security and Legal Tech
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This book examines central aspects of the new technologies and the legal questions raised by them from both an international and an inter-disciplinary perspective. The technology revolution and the global networking of IT systems pose enormous challenges for the law. Current areas of discussion relate to autonomous systems, big data and issues surrounding legal tech. Ensuring data protection and IT security as well as the creation of a legal framework for the new technology as a whole can only be achieved through international and inter-disciplinary co-operation.

The team of authors is made up of experienced, internationally renowned experts as well as young researchers and professionals who give valuable insights from numerous different jurisdictions. This book is written for jurists and those responsible for technology in public authorities and companies as well as practising lawyers and researchers.

table of content

Legal Framework for AI
"Moralizing Technology" and Criminal Law theory
Liability for AI
Machine Learning decision-making: when algorithms can make decisions according to the GDPR
Algorithmic Suspicion in the Era of Predictive Policing
Part 2: Data Protection
The Fundamental Right to Data Protection of Blockchain Users seen through the Applicability of the GDPR
The insurmountable trade-off: Efficiency vs. Human Rights in the area of AI
Virtual Personal Assistants and European data Protection Law. GDPR & E-Privacy-Reg
GDPR compliance for East European non-EU companies
Part 3: IT Security
IT Security measures and their impact on data protection
The Legal Framework for IT Security in the "Industry 4.0"
The Role of Criminal Law in Regulation Cybercrime and IT Security
Phishing in Online Banking - an OverviewInternet of Things and Consumers' Privacy in a Brazilian perspective: Cybervulnerability and Dialogue of sources
Part 4: Legal Tech.
LegalTech and computational legal Theory
Smart Contracts in Civil Law Countries: Legislative Analysis and Perspectives of Regulation
Crowdsourcing as a Means for Participatory Legislation