* AI on Trial

* AI on Trial
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With AI now being used in many walks of our every day life, this book looks at the questions surrounding AI and its future. For example:

  • Who owns AI?
  • Is AI a product in its own right?
  • Should AI have rights and responsibilities?
  • What are the status, capacity and authority issues relating to AI?
  • Is AI racist?
  • What are the issues (legal and ethical) created by implicit bias of coders and data sets?
  • Can AI be used to gain a competitive advantage? If so, is it anti-competitive?
  • What is the role of AI in cybersecurity?
  • Can we trust AI?

    Written by experts and laid out in the style of a trial, starting with opening submissions, followed by the evidence, closing submissions and finally the judgment, the book takes an innovative approach to the most innovative of technological areas.

    Key Features and Highlights:

    • Authority - Mark Deem is a leading UK legal practitoner on AI and Peter Warren is a leading technology and ivestigative journalist and was one of the first people to raise concerns about the issues that AI will present. Peter also presents a monthly radio show on the ramifications of technology for Resonance FM audience of 750,000 people across the South East of England and internationally
    • Contributors represent a diverse cross section of views and are all leading experts in the field of AI. They currently include Jana Eggers (CEO, Nara Logics) who is an internationally renowned expert on AI, tech, leadership and innovation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Lord Clement-Jones (Lib Dem Lords Digital Spokesperson) co-author of Select Committee report: 'Artificial Intelligence AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?'
    • Innovative approach - laid out in the style of a trial as AI is currently "on trial" in many ways - Part 1: Opening Submissions, Part 2: Evidence. Part 3: Closing Submissions, Part 4: Judgment